An identification element like the logo is mostly used to draw attention. Our graphic designer will be there every step of the way to ensure that your criteria is met and that it draws attention.

The ways in which your business is perceived, be it a logo, business card, an invoice book or a complementary card, all portray how potential customers will take note of your business.

If you are passionate about starting or growing your business, you need a website that will compel your clients to take action. Let us help you make the first impression remarkable!


Founded in the year 2000 as an entrepreneurial project from the Van Der Linde Family (Suzie, Nelia and Waldo) hence the name “Suneldo”.
What started out in a small study and later, garage, we are now a company based in 11C Schröder Street, Upington. With hard work and dedication and the power and guidance of our Heavenly Father we grew to a company that delivers products nationwide. We are blessed with loyal and devoted staff that go the extra mile to deliver the best possible products to our clients.


Suneldo strives to deliver the best service and products to our clients. We ensure product excellence and client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.
We ensure professionalism from your logo design to vehicle wrapping and everything in-between.


Graphic Design


Signage & Promotional

Web Design & Hosting

Vehicle Branding

Heat Pressment

Wedding Stationery

11 C Schröder Street
Upington 8801
Northern Cape, SA

Office Tel. +27(0) 54 332 3373
Fax. 086 583 6654

Suzie Vollgraaf
Owner, Finance & Admin

Waldo vd Linde
Owner, Signage & Web Development